When do you need building permission?

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    Forgive me for writing in English but my Swedish isn't up to building terminology just yet!
    We're in the process of buying a house and have got our eye on a little cottage with quite a bit of land.
    If we buy the house we want to move the bathroom upstairs and therefore want to extend out at the back with a little room 2m x 2m and also extend out from the roof (see attachment - not exactly to scale)

    What are building regulations here in Sweden? Can one extend on a small scale up to a certain size before one requires building permission? Or do you need building permission from the get-go?

    Any help / advice would be highly appreciated!

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    Re: When do you need building permission?

    Although this is a small scale project it requires building permission of two reasons:  It changes the caracteer of building, and you affect the sanitary construction since you move the bathroom upstairs.  Ask for specific advises direct at "bygglovsenheten" at the community there the real estate is situated!

    In general you might learn more about the regulations in Sweden from this link - filer/2005/behover_jag_bygglov.pdf

    Or contact Boverket - 0455-353000
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    Re: When do you need building permission?

    I agree with billy_bäver
Vi vill skicka notiser för ämnen du bevakar och händelser som berör dig.