Trappa som knarrar

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    Hi, need help with a super noisy stairs (öppen trappa). We have tried various portals where companies can respond to a need for service, without any luck. All companies responded that it is better to buy a new one, without checking it or asking for more information. We live north of Stockholm. We are happy to buy the service or do this ourselves but despite of all research and google translate, there seems to be impossible to find what needs to be done.
    Many thanks and Happy Holidays!
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    Hi, you got any pictures?
    Is it in Every steps its noisy or is it specifik steps?
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    Thank you for your interest! Yes, here are some pictures. I think that in general it is a noisy stairs, with all the steps producing some level of noise (vibration, cracking noise). In two or three places it is at its worst. We found them in the house we bought and among other very unpleasant surprises, this is keeping us awake. We are otherwise quite used to do a lot of DIY work, however we are not used with this system for the stairs and can't figure out where to start and where to end :)

    Thanks a lot for any advice or reference,
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    Din plansteg ser ut att vara monterade tillsammans med spaljén genom vagnstycket. Jag rekommenderar att spänna om trappan, ta bort hålpluggen och dra åt skruven lite. Ser ut att vara svårt på insidan och där det svårt att dra åt skruven. Jag skulle nog använda en torxnyckel om det är torxskruv ej skruvdragare då det är lätt att överdra skruven.

    Skulle det inte bli bättre av att spänna om trappan behöver du nog sätta fast planstegen i vagnstycket genom en 2”2 eller trekantslist i underkant i samma träslag och lack för att bli av med knarret. Men det är inte det snyggaste kanske?
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    Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer and help me. I will try to take out the small round wooden plugs however I can do this only on the right side of the stairs as it is floating. On the left side, it is less than 1 cm gap to the wall which makes the access impossible. Do I understand correctly that you also considered that, and are suggesting a different solution??? However not clear to me what thst solution is, google translate returns a horror story. Would you mind attach a picture of what you are suggesting??? Peace over aesthetics, we just want to be able to sleep again.
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    Okey, Try in english. Take out the wooden plugs on the right side and tightening the screw a Little. If the noise dont diseapere you probleby need to do lika my different solution: take one 2”2 wooden peice and skrew it in the step and the vagnstycke (trolley???) 2 in every steps, If you dont lika a 2”2 you Can take a triangle strip.

    Make sure you take out every of those wooden plugs even dose who are not linked tho the steps, i think that your stair are hanging whit the trellis.

    Hope you understand my bad english :crysmile:
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    Morning and God Jul! Your English is not bad at all. I am the one at fault here...the right side approach is clear. For the left, I will try to google some images and upload so that you can confirm I understood correctly.
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    The swedish text from Hobbybyggare above also recommended using a hand tool instead of an electric one as it's easy to by mistake overtighten the screws.

    Some swedish stair terms:
    Vagnstycke = The long pieces to the right and left of the steps, connecting them all together.
    Plansteg = The footstep. The single piece of wood that you place your foot on. If you have a closed stairs, the vertical piece connecting the horizontal ones are called "sättsteg".
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    Like what I highlighted in yellow?
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    This highlighted in red is the 'vagnstycke'.
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    Correct, thanks. And my understanding now is that I should use something similar to what I highlighted in Yellow but applied in an area like I highlight here in Blue. But maybe below the step and not above.
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    Did I manage to understand anything from your kind instructions?
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    Thanks, my english is wery bad but i would like to help. Use a handtool its important.
    If your stair still is noicy after you have thigten the screws then:
    You probebly need too connect the ”vagnstycke ” too the footstep by using a wooden stick as your picture above, but your stair is open and you cant connect your footstep to a horisontal one. Instead of do like that picture you Can connect your footstep to the ”vagnstycke” whit that yellow peice in your picture under the footstep to the ”vagnstycke”. I would use instead of that 2”2 Wood a ”trekantslist” (treangle strip).
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