Cost, building a new house.

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    We're planning to build a new 1.5 house 110kvm, with large insulated double garage, approximately 75kvm.

    We're finding this site really useful but the estimated kvm costs vary. I'm a joiner / carpenter / designer and with the help of a few others plan to do the majority of the building.

    What I find most confusing are the material costs (which will be our main outlay) as I am a member of the trade and therefore will receive trade discount.

    Is anyone aware of formula or cost per kvm with this in mind? Possibly there is a builder on here? Or someone with good knowledge in this area?

    We also understand that potentially the costs for planning permission, building permits along with linking water and electricity to the land would cost in excess of 50,000 SEK. Is this correct?

    Thanks in advance!
    Liam and Moa
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    For the last question, It is mor like "in excess of 50k" for each one of the points you mention. Particularly the water connection (or more specific, the sewer part) may cost anything from 30k to over 400k. All depends on where you want to build.
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    The cost of materials will vary a lot depending on the design, construction type, and choices you make. Our example: extension in one floor, 50 m2 foundation, 44 m2 living area with a bathroom. The material cost for the foundation was 85 kkr, and for the rest of the building 200 kkr with walls, roof, windows and drywalls inside. That makes around 6500 kr/m2 living area. We have relatively large windows and brick outer walls, which makes it more expensive. Then we spent maybe 30 kkr on electrical material and plumbing. I don't think you can reasonably go much below 5000 kr/m2 unless you are prepared to use unconventional building method and/or use mostly recycled material.

    After that, the material costs mostly come down to choices: type of floor, bathroom surface materials, wallpaper, kitchen interior, lighting etc. It can range from very cheap to virtually no upper limit.