Russain war and my golvbrunn

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    Hello my dear VVS Guru's. The house i bought have a garage which happens to be a bunker in case people from linkoping attack stockholm as their holy land :( In which case i can host 82 fellow stockholmers. But till then i have to open my drain in the garage which happens to be some clever anti olja leak mechanism. i have managed to open the square bolt in the middle seen in the picture, since i dont have the special key i managed to give the bolt a few turns using ordinary rench but the problem is the water have still refused to go away, is it coz underneath the bolt there is some blockage??
    I will for sure buy a muffin if anyone is kind enough to help me out of one of these mystries of universe?
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    It can be a special type of bunker drain that prevents any flow of air or otherwise from the outside in, then it could very well be plugged by old goo. Try first to loosen the other square bolt on the side though, that could be some type of ventilation adjustment.

    So, will you send the muffin by DHL or Schenker? :p

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    I will try to loosen the one on the side before I go to bed tonight and if I can manage to drain one single liter of water I will fix that wine you loved forget about the muffin ;-)
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