AB Elementhus outside wall what to do

  1. Hans-Ulrich
    Medlem · 12 inlägg
    Dear all we improving step by step our '69 AB Elementus but trying to kepp the original shape.
    Now we have to do some work on the outside wall.
    Our pediment was damaged due to a storm and we decided to replace it with parts from Prefa made from Aluminum.

    Now we want to do the same with the wall on the 0-level. Checking the Prefa webpage the need to put 10cm deep holes in a concrete wall to fix the the fixing angles for the Prefa cover.
    haves somebody experience with prefa or another idea which aluminum cover/Manufacturer could be used ?
    INs there another house company that supports AB Elementhus owners ?

    I attached two pictures how it looks today and how we want to change.
    Every help is appreciated thank you very much in advanced
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    house today.jpg
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    house simulation.jpg