Worx Landroid development

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    I have an WG796E WiFi and I have looked into the settaggi array

    When moving to a zone to start working

    After moved to zone and started working

    The 16th bit is 1 when it's going home but it looks like it uses it for moving to a zone also?
    - Maybe the right way to "read" the 16th bit is "Following line" or something?
    I'll guess it uses it in combination with some of the other bit or bits when it's moving to a zone, next thing to find out.

    Might be interesting, but I'll guess you already know this.
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    Does anyone know the command to reset a Landroid via HTTP?
    If it fails to park, i.e. to reach the charging station, mine is dropping to 'idle' status.
    To send command (settaggi) 11 (or any other 1-30) does not make it move.
    Now I'm looking for the command to reset it to make it retry parking or mowing without that I have to physically reset it.
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    I have the American model 794e but it doesn't have wifi. It's currently thought that it uses the same firmware add the European version with wifi. The difference is thought to be dip switch settings, the wifi module, and the firmware. I would love to have someone to post a picture of the dip switch settings, and wifi module hopefully showing numbers and brand name to identify the wifi module in hopes that it can be added on at home.
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    I recently bought a used Landroid WG796E.1.
    One of the first things I did was to update the firmware to the latest version: 5.21.
    I am unable to access the .cgi endpoint as well as /js/app.js.

    I am however able to ping the ip-address.

    Has there been some changes in the firmware to prevent access?
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    I found the answer in a german forum. Since Worx started with their cloud based app for the mowers, the local webserver is no longer available. I tested some packet snooping on the mower and there's just encrypted requests to an ip-number belonging to Amazon AWS.

    I'm gonna think about downgrading the firmware to allow some custom local stuff. But on the other hand, the new app is pretty useful... :)
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    I have found this project:

    It connects to your Worx cloud account and pulls info. It can display it on a local webserver or publish it on a local MQTT-server. This makes it possible to collect data (InfluxDB perhaps) and to show info on your home automation system, like Home Assistant.

    I've just tested it quickly, I'll do some more tests on my server and to see if it's usable.
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    Interesting! Looking forward to your findings :)