Rekommendationer för billiga 90m2 nyckelfärdigt hus.

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    Hej hej,

    Kan du rekommendera mig några bra 90m2 nyckelfärdigt husbyggare i Sverige. 1 plan hus enkel design är bra.

    Några gissningar om hur mycket det kostar? Vi har platta tomt och gata anslutningar till avloppsvatten.

    PS: English is my first language if you prefer to use it (my Swedish is not good).
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    There is at least 3 manufacturers you should take a closer look at. Älvsbyhus being the most simple and cheapest. Smålandsvillan being a step up, and Hjältevadshus being another small step up.
    You will find a base price for the house including the building cost on their websites. You should also look at possible extra choices you can make to fit those into your budget straight away.

    Then you will have a bunch of costs connected to the house in different sizes. The building permit, connection to the power grid, extra costs for ground work etc.

    Year 2015 we built Villa Kalmar from Smålandsvillan. The cost for the land was 400 000 kr, extra choices for the house around 200 000 kr and in total it cost us around 2,5M kr. The whole process took about 6 months to complete.

    Here are somte links to take a closer look at:
  3. KnockOnWood
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    Maybe you should check with some local builders.
    They could be as cheap, and more adaptable to your peronal whishes than a "House Factory".

    Do you have a design and a clear vision of what kind of house you want to build?
  4. Ö
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    Hello, I got a very good solution for you. Contact me
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  5. A
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    Yes, we have a good Idea of what we want, but there are many different designs that are suitable. The most important is to get a well-built house that does not break the budget. We own the tomt, it is a little bit outside of Uppsala. Realistically, we don't need more than 80m2. We will live in it for 6 years or so, then probably sell it as a holiday house (the tomt is in a very beautiful location), and then we will upgrade to a large family home after that.

    I like the idea of getting private builder, that could be a nice choice if they are trustworthy and come in at a better price.
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    Thanks for that, very useful. Do you have a more detailed (approximate) budget from your house build? I would love to see the costs involved so that I can ensure that I have a realistic idea of what to expect.
  7. Bästa svaret

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    I had a document on my computer with some of the costs specified. You will make a plan and a budget but remember, there will always be something you miss in the planning so be prepared for a couple of surprises.

    I noticed that you mentioned Uppsala so that's same as for us.

    Building permit: 25 900 kr
    Map for building permit: Up to 8 400 kr depending on how detailed map you will need.
    Utstakning - Markings on the ground to show where the house will be. 7 800 kr through Uppsala Kommun, or you can have your builders do it.
    Connection to the power grid: 27 625 kr
    Fibre connection for Internet access? 10-25 000kr
    KA (KontrollAnsvarig) to control the building process: 20-30 000kr
    We also had to crack a couple of big boulders: 12 000kr
    Lägeskontroll from Uppsala Kommun to check that the house is placed correctly according to the permit: 4 000kr
    Electricity during the building process: 1 200kr
    Inspection of the kitchen ventilation: 1 250kr
    Lagfart+Pantbrev to the bank: 53 000kr

    Plus a couple of bills from electrician and plumber that I don't remember the exact numbers for. Probably almost 10 000kr each.

    That are most of our costs but I'm certain I forgot about something.

    Here is some info about connecting to the water- and sewage grid:
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  9. Tony Klang
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    Vi har fastnat för Hudikhus har enligt mig väldigt prisvärda småhus. Vi har blivit mycket väl bemötta och vi hittar inga lik i lasten hos Hudikhus, tvärt om på de referenser vi tagit så är alla husköpare väldigt nöjda
  10. B
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    This discussion covers only wooden houses. Since I live in Skåne my 4 out of 5 houses was made of "stone" (Ytong or Leca). Production costs are similar to wooden houses. Take a look at as an example. Maintenance costs for a wooden house must be included when you calculate your costs. My overall advice (although I know you have already made your decision): Design: KISS (Keep It Simple and Smart), modular dimensioning: (600 mm, 1200 mm for windows, spaces between windows etc.), FTX ventilation (most producers have that included in their offers). I also use simple electric heaters for my under floor heating, since my energy consumption is too low to invest in any fancy heat pump (some 35 kWh/m² and year). Good luck with your project!
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  11. E
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    This is really interesting. You managed to build a house close to Uppsala for 2,5 M?

    I’m also looking (much like the original poster here) to build a smaller house outside of Uppsala. I don’t need anything spectacular - so to see that someone managed to build a larger house than what I’ve looked at for 2,5 looks very promising!

    How was Smålandsvillan as a seller? Easy to work with? Do they offer totalentreprenad?
  12. yonna
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    I did not find a suitable pre-finished house when I built. I contacted an architect who designed a small house (just a bit more than 100 m2). What I gained was
    A) a compact house with all my demands (incl a studio for my work)
    B) a good design where every dm2 was used
    C) simple but sustainable materials and rational design

    I used a local builder who was in contact with the architect during the building process - however, it took almost a year to find him! The result was more economical than if I had chosen a pre-standard house. After 14 years I still enjoy the design and the architect's smart solutions.
  13. KnockOnWood
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    KISS betyder, så vet jag vet, Keep It Simple, Stupid!

    Skall du ställa väggreglingen med cc 1200 så kanske fönstren bara skall vara 1100 för att få plats emellan reglarna.

    Det tror jag inte. Oftast har man en frånluftvärmepump i prospektet.
    Därför att detta är det billigaste (sett till installation) sättet att lösa ventilation, varmvatten och lite värme.

    Golvvärme är inte ett energieffektivt sätt att lösa uppvärmningen.
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