Parabol för Thor och Astra 1 och 3

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  1. Nol
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    Jag har en 55cm parabolantenn att ta emot Astra stå, men jag fick också Thor.
    Os hus är i Storfors - Värmland
    Nu har jag en andra parabolantenn eller skalar en annan större antenn med 3 LNB
    Min fråga är om jag sätter en parabol storlek parabolantennens för Thor?
    Jag kan köpa en 78cm Triax 4 LNB för 800 kronor men kan någon berätta för mig om det kommer att fungera?
    Detta är den configuatie:
    En 78cm Triax + 3x Phantom Super Single LNB 0,1 dB
    SAB 1x DiSEqC Switch 4in1
    1x Multifeed 4 LNB hållare `s Variabel

    Då min fråga är hur man installerar det själv?

  2. Nol
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    Kan någon svara mig eller ge råd
  3. M
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    If I remember it right, your native language is english?

    If so please restate your question in English since i belive it lost a lot in translation

    Best regards
  4. Nol
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    OK I am sorry. I try to do it in Swedish but I must learn a lot.
    My native language is Dutch but I speak English so here I go :

    We have a 55cm dish on our vacationhouse with a twin LNB for the Astra 1 at 19,2 E
    Now we want also the Thor at 1 W and Astra 3 at 23.5 E and the Hotbird at 13 E
    Our house is in Storfors - SE Värmland
    I can buy here a complete new set with a 78cm dish with 4 single LNB´s for 800 kr.
    Can I get the Thor and Hotbird and both Astra with the following configuration :
    Triax 78cm dish + 4x Phantom Super Single LNB 0,1 dB
    SAB 1x DiSEqC Switch 4in1
    1x Multifeed 4 LNB, long version because of the 25° distance
    Is it difficult to set it up bij my self ? I did it with one LNB but never with 4.

    Someone gave me an advice to use a 88cm dish with Alps LNB´s
    What do you use in Sweden ?

    I hope this is better to understand.
  5. M
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    Alps NLB:s is what I have been recommeded myself by a true pro så they should be good.
    I have only done dual installations, never a quad but I don't belive it should be any harder. If you get the first one right the other ones should just be there two since the side angle is fixed
  6. Nol
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    OK thank you Mats_o
    How about the dish ? Do you use 78 or 88 cm ?
  7. M
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    I have an 78 but I would like a bigger one. One the other hand. I live way north of you so you should have stronger signals
  8. Nol
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    OK thank you very much, now I know what I need to know and I can go on with ordering all things

    Tack så mycket

Hej där! så kan du också ställa frågor i forumet. :love: