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  1. TeroM
    Renoverare Nivå 17
    Jag tror inte att det var på BH jag snodde denna bild men är det repetion är det värt det.

  2. fremax
    Husägare · Nivå 13
    Med vänlig hälsning, fremax
  3. Marlen Eskilsson
    Administrator · Nivå 18
    ricebridge gillar
  4. B
    Allvetare · Nivå 13
    Du menar att Donald Trump inte skulle vara humor? :p
    harry73, L-Bror, TeroM och 5 till gillar
  5. Alfredo
    Besserwisser · Nivå 15
    A middle aged man and his wife live in a poor part of town and decide to rent out their second bedroom. They advertise and a beautiful young lady enquiries about the room. The wife explains that because it is such an old terraced house there is no bath in the house so instead they use a big zinc bath in front of the fire in the living room. The young lady says, “It would be nice to have a bath in front of the open fire at night, but what about your husband?” The wife replies, “If you have a bath on a Monday or a Friday evening it will be fine because he always goes out to a darts match from about 7 O’clock ‘till after 11pm.” “OK,” the girl says.

    The next night is a Monday so the husband goes out and the wife brings in the zinc bath for the young lady and puts it in front of the fire. When she undresses ready to get in the bath she notices the wife staring at her naked body. The wife realizes what she is doing and exclaims, “Sorry but you have got no hair down below.” “I’m a model, so I have to shave it off otherwise it would show through skimpy underwear and so on.”

    Later that night when the wife goes to bed she tells her husband about the young lady having no pubic hair. “It must look very strange and unnatural,” says the husband. “You must be making it up. No one would shave down there.” “I could leave the leave the curtains open just a little bit at the top so that you could peep through and see for your self next time she has a bath,” says the wife. So the following Friday they get the bath out and the husband goes out to his darts match.

    The young lady gets undressed and the wife sees some eyes peering through the top of the window. The model is facing the window so the wife points and then lifts her skirt up and points at her own thick bushy pubic hair. Later that night in bed she is talking to her husband and he asks her, “Why did you lift your skirt up and show everything?” “Just so that you could compare, you must have seen me a thousand times naked, why are you bothered?” “I have, but the darts team have not.”
    Chiippe gillar
  6. TeroM
    Renoverare Nivå 17
    elpaco, namor, mexitegel och 4 till gillar
  7. Snigla
    Allvetare Nivå 20
  8. KnockOnWood
    Husägare · Nivå 25
    Det första flygande spagettimonstret?
    Van Gogh, målad av Zeng Fanzhi 2017
  9. findus42
    Medlem · Nivå 14
    Mvh Findus
    ricebridge gillar
  10. Krilleman
    Allvetare · Nivå 24
  11. Snigla
    Allvetare Nivå 20
  12. harry73
    Allvetare · Nivå 18
  13. kontorsråttan
    Medlem Nivå 6
    Något stämmer inte...
    Skalan kanske?
    Får fråga Clas.
    tobbbias och Lidd gillar
  14. HasseTeknik
    Medlem · Nivå 12
    Finns det verkligen så stora hjul ? Tusentals mil är ju rätt häftigt. Får de ens plats i butiken?
  15. useless
    Självbyggare · Nivå 15
    Det är ju bara ca 10% större än jorden, så det borde inte vara nåt problem.
    tobbbias gillar

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