Help (sorry, I really don't speak Swedish) small bathroom renovation

  1. J
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    I was hoping I could use some of your knowledge.

    Me and my wife just bought a small apartment. We won't really have access to it until mid-April and we have to move out of where we live by end of April.

    We want to make what we think is a small change in the bathroom but have no idea if it really is a small change, how much it could cost, and how much time it could take.

    Right now our bathroom has a "duschkabin". We really don't like this and we would prefer to have a glass wall and door to separate this shower "space".

    I suspect that all the floor would need to be changed and waterproofed, as I suspect they added the duschkabin to avoid doing this...

    We would keep the same WC/toilette as well as sink as we don't have a problem with this, and we wouldn't move them. We would simply take out the duschkabin and make a shower corner there...

    The bathroom is about 4m2 or maybe 5m2.

    What do you think? How long can this take? How much could it cost?

    I appreciate any help!
  2. AndersMalmgren
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    Making it safe to shower directly on the bathroom floor is not a small change, you need to remake the entire bathroom so that it meet those standards
  3. J
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    That's how little I know about this :)

    When you say re-make you mean: floor, walls, etc?

    If so, do you know how much can it cost for 4 to 5m2?

    Is it even worth it then?

    We cant to take out the duschkabin because we don't like it and we feel it makes the bathroom look a bit "cheap"... but we certainly would not want to spend more than it could possibly add value to the place...
  4. S
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    Between 10.000 and 100.000 Sek depending how its made today and what you want.
  5. J
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    Thank you so much for the quick responses!

    Any suggestions for a company in Malmö?
  6. AndersMalmgren
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    I can only speak for the market in Stockholm and here the prices are rising so fast that you will make roughly the same profit with or without total makeover when selling. But you also have to take into account that you want to be happy while living there.

    Can you do some of the work yourself? That would save some money
  7. J
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    Unfortunately I am completely useless when it comes to these kind of things :-S

    Oh well, I will try to get quotes from a few places as soon as we have access to our new apartment.

    I'm just worried about the price and also about whether a company could actually renovate the bathroom in two weeks (there is only one bathroom in the apartment so I don't see how we could live there without a bathroom while they renovate it)...
  8. H
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    Actually there are companies that promise a two week period. I would not let such a company do the job. It is generally not possible to tear out and rebuild a bathroom in so short time.

    Many years ago, I was chairman i a large "Condo association" here in Stockholm. We renovated all the plumbing in the houses (800 apartments). That included new bathrooms.

    Each bathroom was affected for 3 weeks, But that was a huge large scale production, all material and machinery was stationary in the block for over a year. The planning was cut down in 6 minute periods. So the production managers checked every 6 minutes what was being done and kept everything on schedule. Such a tight project management is only possible in a large production, One bathroom was started every 4 hours, and one was completed every 4 hours.

    For example, they used enormous suction machinery (60 meters long, with 50cm pipes into every apartment) that sucked out everything from the demolition team. In that way the demolition of one bathroom and transporting out all the debris took app. 30 minutes. They even crushed the toilet, and sewer pipes and just threw it into the suctionpipe. And with the side effect that there was no dust into the rest of the apartment.

    So after having seen the extremly tight 3 weeks schedule we had, with an enormous planning and project management. I find it extremely hard to beleive that it could be done in two weeks, or even three or four in a smaller project, without the company cutting corners. Anyone can do a bathroom in two days, but you will have to remake it very soon.
  9. J
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    Thanks again for all the help and opinions.

    Keeping the duschkabin is starting to sound like the better option!