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  1. Nol
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    We have a vacationhouse located between trees and no neighbour around, nearest neighboor is ±400 meter away.
    Some neighboors know what has happen and I am very lucky that they looking to our house when they are going out for a walk.
    Trees are on both side and backside of the house.
    Front of the house is a sandroad then again trees and behind the trees is the mainroad.
    In other words, beautiful but very quiet. So quiet that every burgler can do what he / she wants.
    And that is what has happen twice in the last 3 weeks.
    Because I have 5400kr own risk I lost 10800kr this month and I am afraid that it will not stop now that they know where they can take what they want.
    I put an IP camera in the house but I want more and therefor I need your advice
    What have you done to protect your vacationhouse ?

    I am thinking about :
    2 detectors around the house or 2 outdoor IP camera´s that activate a full light of the house and flashing light and sirene.
    The profit of an IP camera is that it can send me an e-mail with photo and I can make record constantly.
    I also want a break-in alarm in the house with PIR´s - door and window detectors - and fire alarm for the house.
    But is that all possible or just not good ? What can you advice me !
    Do you know an alarm company in the Kristinehamn - Karlskoga area ? Prefer internet site.

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  2. F
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    We had similar problems in the early 90's at our summer house. Three burglaries in two years. We installed a cheap alarm system from Clas Ohlson that only makes a lot of noise, but is not connected to the phone line. The next year we had one break in in the only room that had no PIR, but the alarm went off as soon as the burglar entered the living area. Nothing stolen. Then we put up an additional PIR in the unprotected room. Next year we had an attempted burglary (they broke open a window) but the alarm went off and they did not enter the house. Nothing stolen.

    I'm not sure what this tells you but it seems a simple alarm with only sirens is pretty effective in scaring away burglars, even in remote locations. I think your plan with PIR-activated lighting and alarm system sounds good. Today I would recommend a simple and relatively cheap but good alarm system like the DSC 1616 rather than the obsolete alarms sold by Clas Ohlson etc.
  3. Nol
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    Thank you for your answer, your expereinces and how you solve it.
    What do you mean by "went off"
    I think that you mean when the burglar came in the house again the alarm goes on ?

    I will look around here for a simple cheap wireless alarm system and what it can offer me.
    The alarm must go off after a wile and go back to protection position.

    The problem with outdoor PIR´s is that they may not be activated by animals otherwise the alarm goes on when animals are around the house and that can happen many times, special during the winter time and that is not the intension.
    By the way, I do not know if outdoor PIR´s are available.
    As far as I know, outdoor detectors react on animals and human, even plants in the wind may activate the detectors and that too is not the intension.
    So it is not as simple as it look like but maybe someone know a good solution because many Swedisch citisens have a summer house so they have experience with protecting their properties.

  4. F
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    I think the simplest solution would be ordinary halogen flood lights, 150W or 500W, activated by PIR motion sensors, around the house. Add IP cameras to that. There are cameras that activate based on what they see, not by PIR sensors.
  5. Nol
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    Thank you again
    I know what to do, making detectors around the house.
    The detector for the front side and right side activate just light and the detectors for the left side and backside activate light and siren
    The reason is we do not have windows on the right side and if someone is checking the house then they are coming from the front side.
    Left side we have windows and also on the backside. On the backside is nothing that can disturb the burglar.
    That is why I make a siren or something that make a lot of nois for entree the left side and backside.
    I also make an IP camera with nightvision for the left side and backside
    I already have a camera for the maingate and inside the house
    Again thank you very much, Tack så mycket

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  6. Nol
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    I am back again and want to explain what we have made.
    We put 2 IP cameras around the house, one is looking at the maingate and one at the backside. And one IP camera inside the house looking at the front door. I record these 3 cameras 24 hours 7 days.
    That works fine.
    I am going to make floodlight around the house that will be activated by PIR detectors around the house.
    I am going to make PIR inside the house in everyroom that will activate a sirene that make a lot of noise and that will activate a flashing-light outside.
    The sirene and flashing-light goes off after ±15 minutes and will be active again.
    I do not believe in an alarm because I live in Holland so I can not be there in time to catch the burgler. The IP camera inside will send me an e-mail with photo´s if someone comes in the area where the camera is located.

    But now an other question and I hope that someone can help me with that.
    I whant to switch on lights inside and outside the house from Holland over internet, I think it is called domotica but I am not familiar wth that.
    Can someone help me and advice me in that ?

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