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    hej - our house is (almost finished) just some points of the end inspection ar left (painting etc ) but since our contracter is bankrupt i will have to do this myself, i do wonder how is it in sweden with warranty on a house? normally when my builder would be in business i got 10 years insurance on the house.

    Is there a insurance company who covers (construction) errors on a new build villa? and so yes which company is the best to choose?
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    There is an insurance liek you describe but i think you must buy it befor you start building. I dont know if you can buy it afterwards.
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    Do you know the name of the insurance company?
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    Be very carefull to not pay more to the company. I hope you have not payed the full price already.

    The lawyer that will handle the bankrupcy will try to make you pay everything that is due. Make sure that you deduct well for the work that hasn't been completed. And that goes both for actual work and for the paperwork. You might get problems with "bygglovsmyndigheten", they will want to see quality protocols from the builder. If the builder can/will not hand over the protocols, you should consider the work as undone. So if you don't get the qualityu docs regarding the bathroom for example, then you don't have a bathroom. And you don't pay for a bathroom.
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    My house is built and we have had the end inspection etc, we hired a besiktnings man who concluded that there was a 100.000 SEK on work left, next to this we hired another contractor to finish the work so I hope that should cover it what do you think?
  7. Johannes Carlsson
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    Basically you will be out of insurance for the construction part and warranty if you haven't signed an insurance before the work started. Just make sure everything is properly made and double check water connections and the roofing so you don't get any problems.

    Your hemförsäkring will work as usual when the house is finished
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    Without details, i should warn you. If the first company did not get a chance to finish the items in the report, the lawyer could in the worst case demand payment of the last 100 000. Basically your contract states that a house according to specs shpulf be delivered, and you should pay for that. Now there is a house in place according to specifications, "pay me".

    So it is important to have som proof that the first company har refused to finish the work.

    The situation I described is a real worst case, it is not very likely to go that bad. But be a bit careful how you put the words if the lawyer or anyone involved in the project contacts you.
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    You must deduct money for the warranty that No one will cover???
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    By Swedish law the original contractor must always be allowed to correct any deficiencies. If the cannot or will not you can arrange to make corrections yourself and keep some of the payments.

    it is a common mistake to take own actions to early
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    You can not buy this insurance now. Sorry, but someone has made a mistake if you do not have one.

    If a contractor were building a new house for you, you were obligated by law to have this kind of insurance. It should be mentioned in the conditions for the building permit, and it should have been checked before the "startmeeting" that you had it - before the contractor started to build the house.
    ( sorry, in Swedish only )

    There are also insurance for warranties, that you could have bought. They are not mandatory to have.
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    The contracter in question is bankrupt meaning he cant fix the issues as they are not longer working?
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    The contrater showed us a Fardigstallandeskydd insurance but 9 months later when the house was built i tried to book and endinspection with gar-bo and then found out the contracter had forged the document and that there was no insurance at all.
  14. Johan Gunverth
    Självbyggare · Nivå 17
    Then contact the lawyer or law firm that administrates the bankruptcy and tell them the contractor can be prosecuted in court for this. They will probably come to a deal with you.

    (Swedish article)
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