Bärighet - tile gips wall

  1. M
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    Sorry for writing in english!

    Have a Svedbergs högskåp - total (empty) weight 55kg, 170*60cm. I need to know if my bathroom wall will be OK with the weight. The skåp is held up with 6 screws (2 holding up a metal list)... no legs.

    We live in a 1½yr old flat, and the wall is a internal, tiled gips wall. Will the wall's bärighet (strength i pressume) be OK?
  2. J
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    Well, not necessarily, depending on the distance between the studs and if it's one or two layers of dry wall boards. The best would be to find the studs and screw at least one or two of the screws into them.
  3. M
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    Should be able to find out if its 2 layers of gips - have to hope there's a regel (?) in the right place
  4. J
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    Yep, thats right. Regel. :) Se if you can solve it that way, if not write again and we'll se if we can find another solution for you.
  5. M
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    Have done some drilling/detecting. Have a single layer gips with metallreglar... Plastic or metal expanding plugs in the center of the metallreglar should give a good strong support I would think?!??
  6. J
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    Sure, if you can fasten it to the metal studs it'll hold pretty much anything.
  7. M
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    Getting paranoid. If i use plastic plugs (fischer UX) through the tiles/gips/metallregel then the plug & screw will be OK, but is there a risk that the tiles can break due to the load and shear force going through the plugs?
  8. M
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  9. J
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    I have never seen that happen, I woldn't worry about it.

    But maybe you should use a screw for metal studs instead of a plastic plug, I don't know. You could perhaps call Gunnebo Fastening and ask.