Ändra klippning för område 2 och 3?

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    Svar ja, enligt min beskrivning ovan. I ett antal procent av fallen startar den i slutet av guiden istället, detta även vid vanlig start. Lawn coverage har jag aldrig kört.
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    I don't understand. I have set lawn coverage to 60% so does that mean Rob will start 6 times of 10 from the end of cable? So it drives to other end of The cable and starts cutting? Cant say that it Works..i should probably test with 100% to see even one time it starting from the end.
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    Yes, Lawn Coverage is the feature that makes it start at the end of the guide cable. The percentage is the amount of times it should do that rather than a regular start at the charging station. I have mine set to 60% and I would estimate that it's accurate. My house has two distinct areas with a tight walkway connecting the two. Sometimes I see the mower in the front yard (charging station), sometimes in the back yard (end of the guide cable), so I think it works fine.

    However, to answer my previous question earlier, I don't think it uses the guide cable for anything else than above when it comes to the starts. I.e. it will never travel x meters out to start/finish, so make sure that the very start and very end of the guide cable are fairly open spaces, since it will use those exact points as the starting location, pivot -90 to +90 degrees and then start mowing.

    Side-note, when Rob moves along the guide cable (going in or out) it's not cutting and it moves very very slow (I guess to preserve battery). Looks a bit awkward first time you see it :D
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    Have to observate more. When I ran test for the area1 it went slowly to end of the cable and for me it seems to be sufficient result. After that i set Area1 percentage to 60% and noticed that on first run it went slowly half of the travel and started cutting where the narrow passage between those two areas are.
    Someone wrote that it alternates starting point even without lawn coverage so that made me wonder is that normal to start between two areas. time...
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    Sounds like the passage is too narrow, maybe it's detecting the narrow passage as "the end", because the signal from the other cables are getting picked up?
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    But it succeeded on guide calibration and also when running area1 test.
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    Yes, I figured that too, but could be that it's using a different path / distance to the guide cable, since this varies from time to time (to prevent wheel tracks). One way would be to do a couple of more test runs and see exactly how far off the guide cable it's positioned when it's succeeding / failing. Just a theory. Can't see why else it would stop in a random position along the guide cable (however I do wish this was a feature!)
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    Thanks @Markru . Im going to run more tests. I will report when im done :sweat:;)
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    I probably managed to fix my issue but I need to test more. Yesterday Rob stopped (again) to pathway so I widen that spot just few centimeters. Then I chose "new loop signal", then created "Area1" at 90% and ran tests. Everything was fine so I put Rob back to work and for the first time it went straight to the end of the cable and started cutting. Not sure if the problem was too narrow pathway or something with the loop signal.
    Yesterday at one point it got stuck to gravel. I noticed that now there is a small stones inside of one wheel. So every time when Rob is moving I can hear those small particles going around...around...and around ... any instructions how to open wheel and remove stones from there?
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    What would you say is narrow in your case?
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    Pathway is that 60cm which is minimum according manual.
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    ...and it didn't manage that?
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    Im not sure was it main problem. At The beginning guide calibration was succesfull and area1 test too but when it started cutting and followed guide cable to area1 it stopped to pathway and started working there. So it travelled half way and did not reach Area1 starting point.

    My pathway was measured when I installed cables. It was exact 60cm. Guide cable is installed middle of that pathway. Weird stuff that travelling to Area1 failes when working but success when calibrating and testing Area.
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    Could it have to do anything with the fact that the robot rides with a left bias when traveling along the guide wire? However, as far as I have been able to read about that it is when it travels towards the charging station...not from it. I have still yet to test my bot since I haven't completed the installation yet.
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    If the pathway is exactly 60cm the guide cable needs to be placed off-center (as described above), not in the center. As Rob kreps left of the cable when going home.